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               GI Windows
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Just suppose…


It always starts with an idea to improve something. With a lot of determination, an idea can turn into an invention, and then evolve into an intervention, or even begin its own ecosystem…forever changing the future of the way something is done.  

But the steps to prove out an invention and develop it into clinical practice takes expertise, determination and vision. And that’s what GI Windows is all about.  

GI Windows is developing the first fundamental breakthrough in surgical anastomotic technology. This technology will allow less invasive surgery and offer the capability of developing more procedures new to the world. The vision of the GI Windows team is to develop and commercialize a less invasive intervention to help thwart the worldwide epidemic of Obesity & Type 2 diabetes. 

The team is made up of experienced individuals who have successfully demonstrated their cross-functional expertise to bring meaningful medical technologies to market. They are committed to innovation that helps improve the way diagnostic and interventional procedures impact the essential balance between both patients and the healthcare system.  





Providing less invasive surgical solutions to large global health problems


Our passion is to develop disruptive surgical innovation in the delivery of magnetic compression anastomosis allowing clinicians to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs by creating new capabilities in healthcare.

Civil & Commercial

Trust, Wills & Probate

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The GI Windows magnets are the first ones capable of creating a compression anastomosis, which, with the help of a common flexible endoscope in a mini-invasive way, could be performed anywhere in the digestive tract accessible by endoscopy. It generates a wide, permanent anastomosis of incredible technical simplicity. This has the potential to change the way we will perform digestive surgery in a not too distant future.  

Dr. Rudolf Buxhoeveden

Chief of Bariatric Surgery

Hospital Aleman

“Type 2 diabetes & obesity create a cascade of risks for patients as it relates to increased cardiac events and increased mortality in a respiratory virus.”    

Dr. Christopher Thompson

Director of Endoscopy

Director, Bariatric Endoscopy Fellowship Program

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy

Patient on Scale
“Prior to my procedure I was hypertensive, with high cholesterol and a type 2 diabetic. Late in 2019 my Windows procedure was carried out, and my experience could not have been better! By the end of the first month, my blood sugar had normalized and I was able to cut my diabetes medication in half. Having HbA1c values, I had not had since my adolescence.  The following month I was able to stop taking the medication for cholesterol and triglyceride.  Today, I keep dropping weight, having lost 13kg (29lbs) and can now walk 5km pain free and feel more active and happier than ever!”     

GI Windows Patient

“Technology to reshape the future of surgical anastomotic procedures and bring tangible benefits to patients and the healthcare system.”    

Brian Tinkham, President & CEO

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