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The Next Evolution in Anastomosis Innovation 


Who We Are

At GI Windows Surgical, we are engineering a revolutionary anastomotic technology that enables less invasive surgery for both surgeons and patients, marking the first significant breakthrough in the field in over 40 years.

There remains a significant worldwide unmet need for less invasive surgical options for patients struggling with Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, or undergoing colorectal surgery.

Our team comprises accomplished leaders who have demonstrated expertise in successfully bringing paradigm-changing medical technologies to market.

In The News

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A comparison of anastomosis strength between sutures, staples, and self-forming magnets

Link to article- Click Here

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Comparative early histologic healing quality of magnetic versus stapled small bowel anastomosis

Link to article- Click Here



Our vision is a future where magnetic compression anastomosis enables better patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs, more efficient delivery of care, and ultimately making technology accessible to all.

Our Investors
Financial Partners

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Dr. Rudolf Buxhoeveden
Chief of Bariatric Surgery
Hospital Aleman

The GI Windows magnets are the first ones capable of creating a compression anastomosis, which, with the help of a common flexible endoscope in a mini-invasive way, could be performed anywhere in the digestive tract accessible by endoscopy. It generates a wide, permanent anastomosis of incredible technical simplicity. This has the potential to change the way we will perform digestive surgery in a not too distant future.

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Dr. Christopher Thompson

Director of Endoscopy

Director, Bariatric Endoscopy
Fellowship Program

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Gastroenterology, Hepatology
and Endoscopy

Type 2 diabetes & obesity create a cascade of risks for patients as it relates to increased cardiac events and increased mortality in a respiratory virus.

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Brian Tinkham

President & CEO

Technology to reshape the future of surgical anastomotic procedures and bring tangible benefits to patients and the healthcare system.

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